What Is A Catalina Coupon And Why Are They So Valuable?

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You know the coupons that print out at the register after your receipt? Those are Catelinas coupons. You will often find these valuable coupons at stores like Walgreens, CVS, Piggly Wiggly, and Pick ‘N Save or Copp’s.

So what is a Catalina coupon exactly, and what makes them so valuable?

How Do You Get Catalina Coupons?

As you already know, Catalina coupons print out with your receipt at the register. But they only print at certain stores, and when you make specific purchases. Walmart and Aldi’s are stores that do NOT participate in the Catalina promotions. Walgreens, Rite Aid, Kmart, Roundy’s stores, and a number of other chains do print and accept Catalinas.

Walgreens advertises their Catalina deals as “Register Rewards” in their weekly ads. Most other stores will advertise that a coupon will print with your receipt*.

You will not always know ahead of time which purchases will trigger a Catalina coupon to print. But you can check CouponNetwork’s YourBucks offers to get the inside scoop on most deals. I got a Velveeta  Catalina at Pick ‘N Save on my last Double Double Daze trip, and I had seen the deal in the YourBucks offers. The sale at Pick ‘n Save was 2/$4, and there were $1/1 printable coupons available online. I printed two (the maximum number allowed from one computer), and doubled both coupons to get two boxes of Velveeta casseroles for free. The cashier then handed me a $1 Catalina coupon, which made my “FREE” deal a $1 money maker!

Why is A Catalina Coupon So Valuable?

You can use these manufacturer’s coupons on any purchase: fresh ground beef, steak, chicken, fish, veggies, fruit… redeem the coupon on any item you please! Plus, because they are in essence manufacturer coupons, you are able to use these at other stores than just the once you earned it at.

How Can I Identify A Catalina Coupon?

This is the Catalina I received from the Velveeta deal.

As you can see, there is no specified purchase listed on the coupon. It simply states “Save $1.00 On Your Next Shopping Order.” Whether your order is one pound of grapes, a 20 oz soda, $40 worth of groceries, or anything else that rings up at $1+, you can use that coupon toward any one or more items greater than the value of the coupon.

Take note of the “manufacturer’s cpn” print at the top of the coupon, to the left of the expiration date. This is very important, as this mandates that you can use it at other stores! Yes, even though the Pick ‘n Save logo is on the right, you aren’t restricted to redeeming it just at Pick ‘n Save. As you can see above the logo, it states “redeemable at.” If you were restricted to redeeming your coupon just at Pick ‘N Save, the coupon would read “Redeem ONLY At.” You can redeem these manufacturer coupons at any store that participates in the Catalina promotions.

The downside to this being a manufacturer’s coupon? You cannot stack this coupon with other manufacturer coupons. So if you are planning a big coupon trip, you will need to buy one item that you aren’t planning to redeem a different coupon on. This is the item that your Catalina coupon will attach to.

Have you scored any amazing deals with Catalinas? Leave a comment below!

*Roundy’s shoppers, be careful not to confuse the “coupon prints at register” Catalina Offers (a separate coupon that prints after your receipt), with the Receipt Coupons that will print at the bottom of your receipt.

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