Roundy’s Fresh Perks Replacing Rewards Program!

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roundy's fresh perks

Have you received your new Fresh Perks loyalty card from Roundy’s? Depending on your region, or even state for our Minnesota neighbors, you may have gotten yours weeks or months ago (you must have been a Roundy’s Rewards Member previously to receive a pre-registered card in the mail).

My Pick ‘n Save region seems to always be the last, so I only just got mine yesterday.

So for anyone in the “Milwaukee Region” (sales run Thursday through Wednesday), the dates I am going to cover will match up for you. If you are in any other region, your dates are likely to be different, but the other info here will be the same. Check your flyer, or contact your store for accurate dates.

First, if you received a flyer with your cards in it, don’t throw away that flyer before you get your $5 coupon! As seen on the flyer above, there is an offer to get a $5 coupon when you provide your email address. The link should be customized just for you and you will be emailed your coupon within 7 days after you submit your email address.


Start using your new Fresh Perks card July 17th, 2013. The old Roundy’s Rewards Card will be active to earn points through July 17th. You can redeem whatever points you accrued through September 30th, 2013.

Here’s a quick rundown of the new program:

  • With your new Fresh Perks card, you can earn 1% cash back (7/18/13 – 9/25/2013 for the “Milwaukee Region”)
    ~ $400 to $499.99 spent = $4 reward
    ~ $450 – $499.99 spent = $4.50 reward
    ~ $500 to $549.99 spent = $5 reward
    ~ Additional Levels Available
  • Card-loadable coupons from SavingStar
  • Savings from Fresh Salad Club, Baby Club and Pet Club
  • Additional Cash Back promotions during the year

Similar to the Rewards program, there are exclusions: Pick ‘N Save gift cards, pharmacy, lottery, postage stamps, money orders, sushi alcohol and tobacco.

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