Problems Printing Coupons? Try This!

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problems printing coupons

I have run into comments and emails from people reporting that they have issues printing coupons. I myself have had some issues printing Smart Source coupons, but others have had problems printing from and Red Plum. I have yet to hear of anyone having issues with CouponNetwork, but I am sure it has happened to someone! So how can you fix problems printing coupons?!

Most Basic Solution

Before getting too far into coupon printing troubleshooting, you want to ensure that you have a coupon printer installed for the site you are looking to print from. Each coupon site (,,, has their own coupon printer, or requires specific downloads in order to print coupons. A message should pop up after you hit “Print Coupons” that will provide you with the download links. They are safe, so do not hesitate to download them if you are on one of these four sites.

The second basic solution for problems printing coupons is to switch browsers. I have problems printing coupons from on my laptop using Google Chrome. I switch to Internet Explorer or FireFox: problem solved! :)

Problems Printing Coupons On Mac Products

There are some suggestions listed on to help Mac users print coupons, but it seems these options don’t provide a solution. Many users still get errors The one answer I have come across that ACTUALLY works: use the AOL Desktop for Mac Version 1.5 (559) operating system.

Problems Printing Bricks Coupons

I ran into this problems months ago when I was still using my desktop: I could print coupons directly from, but I could not print their bricks coupons (url starts with “….”). To solve this problem, try changing a few letters in the url depending on the browser you are using.

Here is a Bricks coupon example:

The vi in the url is the part you will change to make the coupon print for you.  Based on the browser you are using, these are the letters you should put in that spot:

Internet Explorer: vi or wi
Firefox: vg or wg
Safari: xs

Other Problems Printing Coupons?

It is very possible it is the printer.  I know, I know, no one likes hearing this, because it means spending money on a new printer.  But there are some problems printing coupons that simply come down to your printer accepting a coupon’s signal. It is unfortunate, but I never promised the solutions here would be free! 😉

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