Coupon Clipping Services

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Clipping services are a hot way to get a hold of large amounts of coupons. Clipping services are the secret to success of many of the shopping trips you see depicted on television. There are many different sites to get coupons from, and it is beneficial to utilize services from all over the country. I say this because coupons released in the newspaper are regional. You may find that a clipping service from the south may have different coupons available than one from the western region of the U.S.

I do want to point out that clipping services are controversial, due to the small print terms on coupons. You will often see the wording “May not be sold or auctioned or otherwise transferred..” in coupon small print. Most clipping services charge for their time to gather and clip the coupons, not for the actual coupons. Still, I feel it is my obligation to point out coupon publishers do not support clipping services.

Here is a list of clipping services, if you choose to use this option for obtaining coupons:

 The Coupon Carry-Out

The Coupon Clippers

Coupon Dede

Manufacturers Coupons

The Coupon Master





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